[mrtg] Connected Users - Cisco Aironet 1200

Niall O'Reilly Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie
Thu May 20 12:39:00 CEST 2010

On 20/05/10 08:36, Richard Gliebe wrote:
> Hi Niall,
>> >  	Yes, but the detail you mentioned seemed to include
>> >  	everything you need.
>> >
>> >  	FWIW, the interface template fragment below "works for us".
>> >  	YMMV ...
> sorry for my stupid question,

	No problem: I had to begin once too ... 8-)

> but where do I have to include this
> template fragment?
> Append it to the cfg File or somewhere in the html file for each AP?

	There are lots of command-line options for cfgmaker.
	Without these, cfgmaker uses SNMP to scan the device and
	generation a stream of configuration commands which will
	cause MRTG to monitor traffic (as bytes/sec).  If you
	specify either the '--host-template' or '--if-template'
	option to refer to a file containing Perl code, you can
	control what configuration commands are generated instead
	of (or as well as) the standard ones.

	For a concrete experience of how this works, you could try
	saving the code I sent to file, and using the filename
	as the value of the '--if-template' option.  This may not
	be quite what you need, but you should get the idea.  You
	may need to use the '--host-template' option as well.

	If I'm not mistaken, this template functionality is (still)
	marked in the documentation for cfgmaker as experimental and
	subject to change or discontinuation.  This discouraged me
	for a long tome from trying it out, as I didn't want to put
	effort into building procedures on uncertain foundations.
	The functionality seems to be persisting ... 8-)

	If Perl coding is not something you feel confident about,
	you may prefer to drop sections like the following (generated
	by the code I sent) into your configuration file.

	Beware of line folding during mail-sending or -receipt!

### Unit wbs-qusb-001

### Interface 1 >> Descr: 'Dot11Radio0' | Name: 'Do0' | Ip: '' | Eth: '' ###

# wbs-qusb-001 cDot11ActiveWirelessClients
Target[wbs-qusb-001-wlclients-Do0]: at wbs-qusb-001:::::2
Directory[wbs-qusb-001-wlclients-Do0]: wbs-qusb-001
Title[wbs-qusb-001-wlclients-Do0]: Active wireless clients on 
wbs-qusb-001 Do0
PageTop[wbs-qusb-001-wlclients-Do0]: wbs-qusb-001 Do0</H1>
      <TR><TD>&nbsp;</TD><TD>Active Wireless Clients</TD></TR>

### END Interface

	I hope this helps.

	Niall O'Reilly

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