[mrtg] mrtg w/ rrdtool + 14all

Kevin P. Foote kpfoote at iup.edu
Wed Nov 10 15:25:25 CET 2010

Hi all I have a question on where / what I would need to modify for the
gprint to be more accurate here..

Problem is in rounding I'm guessing. The issue is I see different things
on the graph than I do in the gprint below the graph. The graph shows
this better than I can explain, see link[1] below.

I'm wondering where (which layer) to adjust things to get this more accurate.
Mrtg? 14all.cgi?

Here is my target portion of the mrtg config file.

Directory[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: email
PageTop[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: <H1>This page details out the open POP and IMAP
Options[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: gauge,integer,nopercent
LegendI[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: Open POP Sessions:
LegendO[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: Open IMAP Sessions:
YLegend[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: Sessions
#ShortLegend[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: sessions
Legend1[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: The Number of Open POP Sessions
Legend2[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: The Number of Open IMAP Sessions
Target[mailhost1.pop-jobs]: at mailhost1.domain::3:1::2

[1] http://www.people.iup.edu/kpfoote/stuff/graph_01.png


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