[mrtg] Collecting data from rrd & using rrdgraph?

Arvon Griffiths Arvon.Griffiths at txdot.gov
Fri Nov 12 15:52:19 CET 2010

We are currently using MRTG to monitor cicso router traffic...
1) I need to generate a list based on highest traffic or errors, can anyone give me an (simple) example script of how to pull data from rrd using Perl or Bash?
2) I need to generate just the graphs and make them look like the  old, native MRTG graphs.  It looks like RRD Graph will do the trick can anyone give me an example command to do this?  
I know that using something like routers2 or 14all is probably easier but, I need to keep the same site look and feel so, I just want graphs.


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