[mrtg] Collecting data from rrd & using rrdgraph

Kevin P. Foote kpfoote at iup.edu
Sat Nov 13 00:17:59 CET 2010

-> Q1: Is this correct: Create a CGI script and put it into the /srv/www/cgi-bin  that says something like:

I've not used rrdcgi .. man rrdcgi should give you hints

-> Q2: If I use-
->     cfgmaker  --global 'Options[_]: unknaszero,bits' --global 'LogFormat: rrdtool' -output ~/router1.cfg public at router1
->      ...to create the CFG files, what is corrrect for ?????.rrd?

use subdirs... 
your file will probably be something like <router>.<interface>.rrd

-> Q3: /PATH/TO/RRDS is where normally?

handled in the Directory[]: setting  so where ever you set it.

-> Q4: Without having to make a cgi script for every router and time period, how do you use variables with the script (using bash or Perl)?

Revisit the 3 scripts / tools that were mentioned previously in this
thread. They were written so you DONT HAVE TO write a cgi for each
router/switch/target you are polling.. 

The tools above allow you to present data to the browser in almost an
infinate number of ways.. 

Basics are you poll your devices in some fashion, hand crafted script,
mrtg or whatever. Then the tool above allows, with some configuration in
respects to telling it where your rrd files live etc, to graph your rrds 
and present them to the browser in a logical way .. 

You can of course write your own .. its pretty simple .. 


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