[mrtg] rrdgraph --right-axis question

Gene Titus gene at ots.utsystem.edu
Thu Oct 7 15:17:11 CEST 2010

Greetings from Texas,

I'm using  the --right-axis option with  1:0 for the scale:shift parameters
on rrdgraph calls. I don't set any autoscale paramaters, I let rrdgraph do
the scaling.
On some graphs the left and right axis have the same values.
On other graphs the left axis will show up as (for example)   2.5 G  where
the right axis shows up as  2500.0 M.

See example at   https://www.the.net/learn-rtg/tengig.php

Is there a way to get the right axis to always be the same as the left?


Gene Titus
Sr Operating System Specialist
The Office of Telecommunication Services
The University of Texas at Austin
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