[mrtg] Editing a .cfg creating the cgi etc

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If you are running MRTG in Native mode (no RRDTool) then each run of MRTG will update the .log files, and produce the .html and .png/.gif image files.

If you are running MRTG in RRDTool mode, then each run will update the .rrd files ONLY.  You then need to obtain a CGI script from somewhere (either Routers2.cgi, 14all.cgi or mrtg-rrd.cgi) and install it, and then this CGI will generate the graph images on demand.  MRTG does not create the CGI scripts itself.

Obtain Routers2 from www.steveshipway.org/software<http://www.steveshipway.org/software> unpack it and run the install.pl script to install and configure (but I'm a bit biased in recommending it...)


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Hello all, I am using mrtg to monitor a couple switch ports on different switches in my network. I have a .cfg file already made and working for this but I need to edit it and change a couple interfaces. If I edit the cfg how do I get these changes to propagate into the cgi and png files?  I tried to do a perl mrtg necsystem.cfg  this hangs and no output is seen.  Is there any type of doc for doing this?

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