[mrtg] Issue with cfgmaker

Jensen, Mark majensen14 at mccneb.edu
Wed Oct 20 16:55:50 CEST 2010

I must say I am not as up to date on this stuff, but it used to make the cgi and HTML files, then I would run indexmaker to merge the HTML into one file etc.  I am on a windows server platform.  I can make the cgi files myself but the perl cfgmaker used to build them for me or I thought they did. I also used to see the cfgmaker run in the cmd window, but it doesn't now so I may have broke something.  Or am I completely bonkers on this?

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Jensen, Mark wrote:
When I run the perl cfgmaker public at 10.1.xxx.xxx<mailto:public at 10.1.xxx.xxx> -global "WorkDir: c:\mrtghtml" -output filename.cfg, it runs but I see no output to the screen nor does it build the cgi files, what is wrong with the cfgmaker?  Is there a way to fix this or do I need to re install everything? I am using rrdtool etc.    I sure could use some help on this, thank you.



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cfgmaker does not make any cgi files.  It creates config files for MRTG to use to query your targets and place the data in the rrd databases.

I don't use windows for mrtg, so am not 100% certain on command line format, but try

perl -c cfgmaker

This will at lest verify that cfgmaker is visible to perl and if it seems to be a valid perl script.

In rrd mode, mrtg does not make any html files or graphs.  You need a front end for that.  I recommend routers2 for that purpose.

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