[mrtg] New MRTG install... Run as Daemon and RRD setup?

Matthew Petach mpetach at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 28 05:27:07 CEST 2010

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> Subject: Re: [mrtg] New MRTG install...  Run as Daemon and RRD setup?
> Niall wrote: 
> >      Our main network-monitoring MRTG boxes have 50+  instances
> >     collecting 10k+ target data series from  800+ units of network
> We're on 15,000 targets on 718 devices at the  moment, split over 3 MRTG 
> running MRTG/RRD with Routers2 in distributed  mode.  I'm currently working on 

> bringing this together with rrdcached and  full daemon mode for the MRTG 
> instances, since we're experiencing some  performance issues.

I'd just like to thank Tobi and Dave once again for putting together this
toolset; currently, we're tracking 295,295 targets on 1450 network devices,
and adding more every day:
mpetach at netops:/home/mrtg/archive/2010.09.26> find . -name "*.log.gz" -print | 
wc -l
mpetach at netops:/home/mrtg/archive/2010.09.26> 
mpetach at netops2:~/mrtg> grep -v # dist/etc/devices  | wc -l
mpetach at netops2:~/mrtg> 

So far, we've been sticking with the regular log files since they work
better with the other realtime autogenerated network maps and capacity
tracking tools we've written.

> With the features now available in rrdtool 1.4 there  are a number more options 
> available.  The rrdcached will soon allow MRTG,  RRDTool and Routers2 (the 
> to exist on separate servers, to have  multiple MRTG hosts collecting data 
> back to a single RRD  server...
> If anyone is coming to LISA10 in San Jose this year, please  come by the 
> MRTG/RRDTool BoF session in the evening!  It will be a good  chance for 
> to share experiences and configurations for large  setups.
> Steve

Alas, I'm only going to be there for the exhibitor session, not for the
evening BoFs; here's hoping you have a fun and productive session!  :)

Thanks again for all the hard work developing this wonderful framework--you
guys totally, totally ROCK!!  ^_^



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