[mrtg] cfgmaker generates wrong config for OpenBSD

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Wed Sep 29 23:50:03 CEST 2010

On 2010-09-29, gnpf <posturne at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Which SNMP daemon are you using OpenBSD-side? you are likely to
>> have better luck with the one in the base OS than with Net-SNMP.
> I use NET-SNMP version:

There's a known problem with mismatching ifindexes with Net-SNMP
on OpenBSD, see http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.os.openbsd.misc/155142
(if anybody has worked out a fix they haven't made it known to the right
people yet ;-)

> But so far I know, net-snmp is the only snmpd daemon available in the ports
> tree.

In the ports tree, yes, but there is also /usr/sbin/snmpd which has been
part of the base OS since 4.3. You can edit /etc/snmpd.conf and enable it
with snmpd_flags="" in rc.conf.local; see snmpd(8), snmpd.conf(5).

If you have any problems with that I would suggest redirecting to an
OpenBSD mailing list. I'm using it with mrtg and rtg and it's working
pretty well (it also supports things like interface descriptions which
Net-SNMP doesn't yet).

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