[mrtg] Graph Standardization and MaxBytes

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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Routers2 will honour Options[]:unscaled/scaled, as  well as Unscaled[]:dwmyn

If you want to fix the Y-axis to show a particular range regardless of the data, you can use UnScaled (which will fix it to the MaxBytes value) or routers.cgi*UpperLimit[] and routers.cgi*LowerLimit[] (which will specify the Y-axis max/min, overriding the unscaled option).  These will auto-scale out, though, unless you add routers.cgi*Options[]:rigid to lock the axis even if the data extend beyond them.

To summarise:
The default graph Y axis will be 0 - MaxBytes
If you set routers.cgi*UpperLimit and/or routers.cgi*LowerLimit then this will be the axis range (routers2 only)
It will scale down to the data unless you have the UnScaled option set, or the 'rigid' extended option
It will scale out to the data unless you have the 'rigid' option set (routers2 only).

There are a couple of options Routers2 does not honour, primarily expscale, logscale, and some of the ones relating to the graph style which are not relevant to the Routers2 interface.  Also, the kmg[] option is ignored as you can achieve similar effects using either routers.cgi*Options[]:fixunit or Factor[]:

The full gory details can be found in the Routers2 documentation or in the book.


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The front-end that you choose makes a bit of a difference.  Rateup pays attention to options[]: unscaled, while I believe routers2.cgi has its own directive.
Assuming you want to add options[]: unscaled to every interface, you could either use an interface template, or you can use the prefixing or postfixing default option:

Options[^]: unscaled
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Options[^]: unscaled

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