[mrtg] Choosing a Graph Style from RRDTool

MMartin at jwpepper.com MMartin at jwpepper.com
Mon Dec 19 19:00:49 CET 2011

Hello All, again... Sorry for a second post right away but I thought I 
should move my second question from my first post into this new thread.

Im currently running:
                     MRTG: v2.17.2
                Routers2: v2.22
                RRDTool: v1.2.12 

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the "AREA" graph style/type from 
RRDTool while running what I'm using (i.e. Routers2, MRTG, RRDTool).
I've tried using "area" in the "GraphStyle" directive with Routers2 and it 
did not produce the desired results. Or is it possible to maybe edit the 
code for the "mrtg" file to maybe make this option available to me..?

I would say I'm a pretty decent programmer but if this is something that 
would take a LONGGG time then I guess I would just forget about it...

If anyone has any thoughts and/or suggestions please feel free to let me 

Thanks in Advance,
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