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Hey Steve, thanks for the reply.

Ok I'll try adding the "routers.cgi*" prefix... I thought I had tried that 
already, but I'll give that a try. Thanks...

For the graph style: Yea that would be a nice new addition (using the 
overlapping areas with transparency), that is actually what I was trying 
to ask about.
The stacked is close to what I wanted to do except that they are one 
on-top of the other, and I was trying to go for the over-lapping areas...
But oh well, good to know though... Thanks for the reply.

Thanks again,
Matthew Martin
System Performance
mmartin at jwpepper.com

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You can use PageTop on userdefined graphs in Routers2; however you need to 
use the ‘routers.cgi*’ prefix (so that MRTG doesn’t get confused) and use 
the userdefined graph name as the targetname.  Thus:
routers.cgi*Graph[targetname]: mygraph
routers.cgi*PageTop[mygraph]: <H2>My graph page top</H2>My graph is 
For different graph styles, you have several options.  These can be 
applied to either userdefined graphs or to normal targets.
default : this is the default – an area and a line for Targets, or 
multiple lines for userdefined
stack : this is probably what you want, stacked areas
lines : only lines.  This is the default for userdefined
mirror : incoming above the x-axis, outgoing below
stackmirror : mirror, but with multiple components stacked.  Only applies 
to userdefined
range : a floating bar from (in) to (out).  Most useful for ping RTT 
graphs to show min-max range.
Routers2 does not have a style for using areas that overlap, as it is only 
in recent RRD versions that semi-transparency of areas was possible.  This 
would be an interesting thing to put on the wishlist, though…
For more details, see the files in the docs subdirectory as shipped with 
the Routers2 package.

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Subject: [mrtg] How to get PageTop on UserDefined Graphs
Hello All, 

I hope this is the correct area to ask this question... 

Currently I'm running the following: 
     MRTG: v2.17.2
Routers2: v2.22
RRDTool: v1.2.12 

I cannot seem to get the "PageTop" directive working for my UserDefined 
Graphs..? It works for normal "targets", just not for UserDefined ones. 
I enabled all the necessary options in Routers.conf and the User-Graphs do 
show what the default Header and Footer are which you can set in 
But they are not showing the PageTop[_] Directive I define for the header? 

Does anyone know what I could do to get this working..? 

Also, something I've wanted to see if I could get working...? 
I know that RRDTool has a Graph "Style/Type" option called "area" in which 
it shows the "lines" as filled-in areas on the screen which will overlap 
one another if necessary, unlink "stack" which is almost the same except 
that it stacks the "areas", one on-top of the other... I would like to see 
if this will work with what I'm running, because it is much easier to read 
then say a graph with a bunch of lines. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in Advance, 
Matt[attachment "smime.p7s" deleted by Matt Martin/JWPEPPER] 
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