[mrtg] Unknown SNMP Variable

Paul Rising Paul.Rising at redIT.com
Tue Feb 8 14:15:43 CET 2011

I am receiving the following SNMP variable errors:

Unknown SNMP var PB1-CB1-Current.0
  at /usr/local/bin/mrtg line 2343
Unknown SNMP var PB1-Current-Ground-Panelboard.0
  at /usr/local/bin/mrtg line 2343
2011-02-04 03:45:00: WARNING: Expected a number but got '166 days,  
2011-02-04 03:45:00: WARNING: Expected a number but got 'Not Set'

I have been told that my oid cache may be corrupted.  I ran the  
command with no success "setenv MIBS BCMSplussub" thinking that would  
load the
mib file in the cache but with no success.  Any suggestions on a  

I am running the FreeBSD 8.2 and the following ports.

Below is a portion of the mrtg configuration file:
## Global Config Options
WorkDir: /home/mrtg/PDU_CABS
LoadMibs: /usr/local/share/snmp/mibs/BCMSplus-sub.mib
SnmpOptions: retries => 3

Target[cab101]: ( PB1-CB1-Current.0&PB1-Current-Ground-Panelboard.0:public at 
::10:::1 || 0 ) + ( PB1-Current-Ground-Panelboard.0&PB1-CB1-Current.0:public at 
::10:::1 || 0 )
Title[cab101]: Cabinet 1-01
PageTop[cab101]: <H1>Cabinet 1-01 Power</H1>
ThreshMaxI[cab101]: 1000
ThreshProgI[cab101]: /usr/local/etc/mrtg/PDU_CABS/ghostspike
ThreshMaxO[cab101]: 1000
ThreshProgO[cab101]: /usr/local/etc/mrtg/PDU_CABS/ghostspike

Paul - Network Operations Specialist

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