[mrtg] Why gif instead of png?

Fred Zwarts (KVI) F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Wed Jul 13 11:38:05 CEST 2011

"Fred Zwarts (KVI)"  wrote in message news:ivjncv$qo9$1 at dough.gmane.org...
>We use mrtg for many years now. In the beginning it produced .gif pictures,
>but already for many years it produces .png pictures. Yesterday we upgraded
>our system. We now use a Suse system (SLES 11 with the latest updates) 
>had gd 2.0.36 installed and gd-devel-2.0.36. We downloaded and installed
>mrtg 2.17.2. Now mrtg produces .gif pictures again. We want to stay with
>.png, because the pictures are also used in other html pages. I cannot find
>a configuration option to produce .png files again. How can this be solved?

I found out myself already. It turns out that the gd package contains only 
the libgif files. The libpng files are in a separate package in Suse. After 
installing this package, and reconfiguring and rebuilding mrtg it produces 
.png files.
I was confused, because I asumed that gd no longer supported .gif. 
Apparently, it still does. 

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