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Chris Goralski CGoralski at wcc.qld.edu.au
Thu Oct 20 01:46:46 CEST 2011


I've recently been working on a project which focuses on gathering printer meter readings using snmp and placing this data into a mysql db.  This all works fine.  I do this every 5 minutes.

I've since installed MRTG and am wanting to graph the number of print jobs during this 5 minute period.

I've created a PHP script which is set as the target in mrtg.cfg.   The printer name can be passed to the script as a command line option which makes it particularly good in this sense.   The script queries mysql and calculates the number of pages printed in the last 5 minutes.  This data is then output in the form:

(Just the two lines)  The 5 represents say, 5 pages in total and the 0 represents 0 b/w pages.

I'll post my mrtg.cfg file below.

# Global configuration
WorkDir: /var/www/mrtg/printers
MaxBytes[_]: 20000
Options[_]: gauge,growright
Refresh: 300
Interval: 60
Factor[_]: 1

# E0_ColLaser
MaxBytes[E0_ColLaser]: 1500
AbsMax[E0_ColLaser]: 3000
Options[E0_ColLaser]: growright, nopercent, noinfo, withzeroes, integer, perhour, unknaszero
Step[E0_ColLaser]: 300
Target[E0_ColLaser]: `php /var/www/mrtg/scripts/get_meters_from_db.php E0_ColLaser`
Title[E0_ColLaser]: Meters - E0_ColLaser
PageTop[E0_ColLaser]: <h1>Meters - E0_ColLaser</h1>
YLegend[E0_ColLaser]: Jobs in the past 5 minutes
ShortLegend[E0_ColLaser]: Pages / 5 Mins
LegendI[E0_ColLaser]: Total Prints / 5 Mins
LegendO[E0_ColLaser]: Colour Prints / 5 Mins

# E2_ColLaser
MaxBytes[E2_ColLaser]: 1500
AbsMax[E2_ColLaser]: 3000
Options[E2_ColLaser]: growright, nopercent, noinfo, withzeroes, integer, perhour, unknaszero
Step[E2_ColLaser]: 300
Target[E2_ColLaser]: `php /var/www/mrtg/scripts/get_meters_from_db.php E2_ColLaser`
Title[E2_ColLaser]: Meters - E2_ColLaser
PageTop[E2_ColLaser]: <h1>Meters - E2_ColLaser</h1>
YLegend[E2_ColLaser]: Jobs in the past 5 minutes
ShortLegend[E2_ColLaser]: Pages / 5 Mins
LegendI[E2_ColLaser]: Total Prints / 5 Mins
LegendO[E2_ColLaser]: Colour Prints / 5 Mins

NB:  My printers print at 25 pages per minute.   I've used 25*60 to get a pages per hour figure and hopefully set the global interval at 60 minutes.

The figures I'm getting are completely wrong.  For example, I've printed at the most 2 or 3 pages and yet my graph shows the following values and the scale has a max value of 36?

Total Prints / 5 Mins

35 Pages / 5 Mins

0 Pages / 5 Mins

0 Pages / 5 Mins

Colour Prints / 5 Mins

11 Pages / 5 Mins

0 Pages / 5 Mins

0 Pages / 5 Mins

Please, any assistance in understanding:

1)       What output I need to provide from my script so that MRTG can use it as input data

2)      Configure MRTG to simply graph the integer value for pages printed per 5 minute interval.

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