[mrtg] Advice: monitoring GPS based clock

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Sep 8 01:06:48 CEST 2011

> routers.cgi*UpperLimit[$target_name]: -120
> routers.cgi*LowerLimit[$target_name]: -200
> routers.cgi*Options[$target_name]: noo nototal nopercent fixunit
> routers.cgi*Graph[$target_name]: $graphtarget_name noo $color
> Do I need to set routers.cgi*UpperLimit[$graphtarget_name]: -120 to make
> this work right?  I'm running 2.21beta of routers2.cgi.  I think my reading
> of the routers2 docs suggests routers.cgi*UpperLimit was only applicable to
> targets and not to pseudo graph targets.
> I tried to use routers.cgi*Options[] rigid, but that ignores the
> LowerLimit[] directive....

I am assuming that you are referring to the userdefined graph over the multiple components, not the individual target graph.

The UpperLimit and LowerLimit options are not inherited by a userdefined graph; so, you should have

routers.cgi*UpperLimit[$graphtarget_name]: -120
routers.cgi*LowerLimit[$graphtarget_name]: -200

to define the options for the userdefined graph as well.  If you also use

routers.cgi*Options[$graphtarget_name]: rigid

then this will force the userdefined graph to be between these Y values, regardless of the data values.

Since the limits, and the data, are all negative this can cause some odd behaviour in some situations.  You might like to upgrade to v2.22 of routers2.cgi from the website as this fixed a minor bug in this regard?


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