[mrtg] Discontinuity at midnight

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Dec 20 00:50:02 CET 2012

What are the two OIDs you are graphing?  I assume one of them is the global
total connections... a suitable-sanitised snippet of your cfg file would be
helpful here.


I¡¯m particularly interested in this as Im in the process of fully
monitoring our F5 ¨C I have created a plugin for Nagios and MRTG to pull out
not only this data, but also other performance and health data on a global,
cluster or per-VIP basis, and am keen to avoid any potential problems (if
you want a copy of the beta plugin, it is available on


A collection of the raw data might help (to see if there really IS a sudden
dropoff in connection rate at midnight); also your own knowledge of how the
F5 is being used and by what might let you find out about changes in usage
patterns at midnight, or any scheduled tasks or resets you have in client
machines at that time.  I can¡¯t help you with that of course.


We run several F5s in multiple clusters and have not observed this sort
behaviour either singly or as a cluster, except when a cluster fails over to
the other F5 member.  For this reason, I suspect the data are valid, and
caused by some other even on your network or application servers.





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Steve -


We do have a number of F5s, but they are at different datacenters, not
configured in a cluster.  We are seeing the same behavior at each.


I am looking at the statistics on the actual F5s today to see if they show
the same pattern.  That would rule out any issues with SNMP & MRTG.


- Matt



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