[mrtg] target line with 2 different-typed OIDs

Yannis Nikolopoulos dez at otenet.gr
Thu Feb 2 13:19:47 CET 2012


I'm in a situation where I need to graph 2 OIDs of different type, a 
counter and a gauge. I know I can do it by using RRDTool 
(rrdcreate,rrdupdate and rrdgraph) and I know I can define two separate 
targets in an MRTG conf file and then use routers2 to produce the 
combined graph.

The question is: can I use a single target definition in an MRTG conf 
file in order to graph to OIDs of different type?


Target[xxx]:OID1&OID2:community at device
Options[xxx]: Growright,nopercent,???


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