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When using MRTG with RRD, you are restricted to two (and exactly two) datasources.  This is a restriction of MRTG, not of RRDTool, so you could manually create an RRD with additional datasources - however, MRTG would not update or read them.

If you are using the Routers2 frontend for MRTG/RRD, then you can have multiples Targets, each with two datasources, and then define a Userdefined graph over them to make a single graph with more than 2 variables.  The component targets can be hidden from the menu.  See the examples for Linux server CPU and network device 'Incoming' graphs at


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Is there a way (simple or complex) to get more than just 2 values (in & out) into a RRD file using MRTG?
If yes please advise on how to

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