[mrtg] Blank graph with custom script

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You dont give an example of the script output; possibly it is not quite correct?  It should be 4 lines; the 3rd and 4th can be blank if you want, the first two must contain ONLY a nmber.

You are using the 'gauge' option - if this counter returns a constantly increasing value, you should not use this, in order to convert to a rate.

Possibly the returned value is out of range, or is generating a range too small to register, or has a syntax problem?

Try running MRTG interactively and see if it produces any useful error messages relating to this target.


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I am using a custom perl script to query an MS Exchange server using check_nt for SMT traffic.  I run the script manually and it returns two numbers, one on each line.  The first is bytes received and the other is bytes sent.  I have run the script a few times and can see the numbers change.

When I added the config to my .cfg file, it creates the image files and .log file, but the numbers in the log file are all 0s.  I am including my script and snippet from my .cfg file below.

--- SCRIPT ---

# Replace '/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nt' with the localtion where your check_nt binary is located

$sent    = `/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nt -H $ARGV[0] -p 12489 -v COUNTER -l "\\MSExchangeTransport SmtpSend(_Total)\\Bytes Sent Total"`;
chomp $sent;
$receive = `/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nt -H $ARGV[0] -p 12489 -v COUNTER -l "\\MSExchangeTransport SmtpReceive(_Total)\\Bytes Received Total"`;
chomp $receive;

print $sent . "\n"
      . $receive .
--- SCRIPT ---

--- mrt.cfg ---
### Exchange 2007 Stats: SMTP Traffic
Target[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: `/etc/mrtg/scripts/exchange2007_SMTP_traffic.pl rcav-ex01`
MaxBytes[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: 125000000
Title[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: RCAV-EX01 SMTP Traffic
PageTop[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: <h1>SMTP Traffic</h1>
Options[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: gauge,nopercent,growright
#Unscaled[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: dwym
kMG[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: KB,MB,GB
YLegend[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: Kilobytes
#Kilo[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: 1024
Legend1[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: Total Bytes Sent
Legend2[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: Total Bytes Sent
LegendI[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: Total Bytes Received
LegendO[rcav-ex01.msexchange.smtptraffic]: Total Bytes Received
--- mt.cfg ---

The script, as you can see, takes as its only argument, the server to check.  As I mentioned, I can run that exact line from the CLI and it returns values.

Any ideas what might the issue be?  Thanks, in advance.


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