[mrtg] Target did not eval into defined data problem

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Thu Jun 7 19:48:07 CEST 2012

Hey Attila, just going out on a limb here, but it looks like you 
"Target[]:" line should have 5 colons at the end of the line before the 2.

. at eselivm3v80l:4000:::::2

Let me know if that helps...


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Date:   06/07/2012 01:42 PM
Subject:        [mrtg] Target did not eval into defined data problem
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I have the following lines in my mrtg.cfg:

. at eselivm3v80l:4000::::2
Title[eselivm3v80l_memory]: Memory usage of NETSim
MaxBytes[eselivm3v80l_memory]: 10000000
RouterUptime[eselivm3v80l_memory]: public at eselivm3v80l:4000
Options[eselivm3v80l_memory]: growright,nopercent,unknaszero
LegendI[eselivm3v80l_memory]: Memory usage of NETSim, as reported by the 
LegendO[eselivm3v80l_memory]: Memory usage of NETSim, as reported by the 
ShortLegend[eselivm3v80l_memory]: bytes
YLegend[eselivm3v80l_memory]: Bytes

I can get the necessary values via SNMP:

> snmpget -v2c -c public eselivm3v80l:4000 
NME-MIB::netsimVMTotalMemoryUsageByOS.0 = Counter64: 339832832 bytes
> snmpget -v2c -c public eselivm3v80l:4000 sysUpTime.0
DISMAN-EVENT-MIB::sysUpTimeInstance = Timeticks: (333907) 0:55:39.07

Still I get these errors from mrtg:

ERROR: Target[eselivm3v80l_memory][_IN_] ' $target->[34]{$mode} ' did
not eval into defined data
ERROR: Target[eselivm3v80l_memory][_OUT_] ' $target->[34]{$mode} ' did
not eval into defined data

Do you know why? I'm using mrtg-2.12.2 on SuSE 10 SP3.

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