[mrtg] MRTG and catching data from LAN IP's ,how ??

Ton Muller spatieman at online.nl
Wed Jun 20 10:01:50 CEST 2012

getting new hardware is a isue ,i know what it costs.
but for a snmp agent, it is something to think for.

On 19-6-2012 23:53, Steve Shipway wrote:
>> wel, most of my machines are windows briks, and as far i know, windows does
>> not have SNMP installed.
>> and my switch is a dumbass model with no inteligence for SNMP my OS is openBSD
>> ,and it does not have iptables, it uses pfctlon it.
>> Previous router project was freesco, and with ipfwadm i could collect all data
>> i needed.
>> it even got worse now, i got a new modem from my ISP, and the stupid brik has
>> NO SNMP at al, so i have collect trafic data with statgrab catching data on
>> external eth card.
> Looks like you just don’t have the hardware for it at the moment.
> You could install SNMP onto your windows boxes -- they can support it, and it is in the standard Windows distro but not installed by default.  That might be your best bet as it costs nothing and will allow SNMP queries of traffic using normal MRTG.
> Alternatively, upgrade your switch to an intelligent one that supports SNMP.  That would be the easiest solution, as you can then graph each port as each port corresponds to one device.  Of course this will cost.
> Since you don’t have control over your router, you have nothing you can do there.  In any case, you wouldn’t be able to split the traffic count by source unless it had RMAN or you had linux command-line access.  
> Also, since you have an unmanaged switch, you cannot configure a spanning port, so a network sniffer is likely pointless as it will not show you all the packets.
> You could place a linux box in series with your router on the switch port, and sniff the traffic as it passes through, but that would require a lot of awkward work.
> I'd go with installing SNMP on the windows boxes (if not many of them) or upgrading your switch to a proper managed one (if you have the $)
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