[mrtg] Two graphs are combined into one graph how?

Indracyd nusa_x at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 8 12:50:18 CET 2012

I have mrtg graph as shown in the following image link

and I want to combine them into one graph, so the first line graph are 4 different colors

The following is my cfg configuration

EnableIPv6: no
WorkDir: /var/www/live

Target[stream.conns]: `/root/scripts/get_wowza_connections.sh`
Directory[stream.conns]: stream
Options[stream.conns]: nopercent,gauge,noinfo
Title[stream.conns]: Total & Flash Connections
PageTop[stream.conns]: <H1>Total & Flash Connections </H1>
MaxBytes[stream.conns]: 10000
YLegend[stream.conns]: # Connections
ShortLegend[stream.conns]: Connections
LegendI[stream.conns]: Total Connections
LegendO[stream.conns]: Live Connections
Legend1[stream.conns]: Play Stream Connections  -- LiveStream

Target[stream2.conns]: `/root/scripts/get_wowza_connections2.sh`
Directory[stream2.conns]: stream2
Options[stream2.conns]: nopercent,gauge,noinfo
Title[stream2.conns]: IOS & Mobile Connections
PageTop[stream2.conns]: <H1>IOS & Mobile Connections </H1>
MaxBytes[stream2.conns]: 10000
YLegend[stream2.conns]: # Connections
ShortLegend[stream2.conns]: Connections
LegendI[stream2.conns]: Mobile Connections
LegendO[stream2.conns]: IOS Connections
Legend1[stream2.conns]: Play Stream Connections  -- LiveStream

please enlightenment comrades


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