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Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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Can you be more specific about the differences between the reported data in the two products?

Note that MRTG will be giving the figures in bits/sec averaged over 5min windows, according to your config.  So you may get a factor of 8 difference (if the other reports in bytes) or slight discrepancies (if they poll at different intervals) though the overall average/total will be the same.

Also, you are not using SNMPv2, so you will get problems when you get to the 100Mbps rate or higher due to 32bit counter rollover.  This is likely the problem.  Try adding :::::2 (five colons and a 2) immediately after the IP address in the Target line.  This directs MRTG to use SNMPv2 and the 64bit counters instead.


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Good afternoon all,

When comparing MRTG to another product, it doesn’t seem like MRTG is reporting the accurate statistics.  Below is my configuration for a GB line.  Is this correct?

Target[x.x.x.x]: / x.x.x.x:fobnot@ x.x.x.x
MaxBytes[x.x.x.x]: 1073741824
Title[x.x.x.x]: Router (S100): GB E 0/0
Options[x.x.x.x]: bits
PageTop[x.x.x.x]: <H1>Traffic Load from S100 to Patriot's Plaza</H1>
  <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>Cisco 2921 Router</TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>S100 (GB E 0/0)</TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>IP:</TD><TD> x.x.x.x </TD></TR>
  <TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD>
  <TD>1 GB/s</TD></TR>


Tracy M. Payne
BSCS, MSIT, Security+

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