[mrtg] Determine daily traffic

rihad rihad at mail.ru
Sun Sep 2 18:29:36 CEST 2012

Hi. Can one determine daily traffic with rrdfetch? I've tried this:

rrdtool fetch myfile.rrd AVERAGE -r 86400 -e 1346526000 -s e-24h

(1346526000 is the start of today, thus I want yesterday's traffic)

but it returns incorrect results.

                             ds0                 ds1

1346457600: 2.5548523610e+04 1.6795807718e+03
1346544000: 4.3133558301e+04 2.2494106657e+03

Incorrect because if I run with -r 300 I get even larger values, which 
is impossible:

1346445900: 1.4210683871e+05 4.7916932959e+03
1346446200: 1.1719036700e+05 3.9903134667e+03
1346446500: 1.1508213321e+05 3.9061905050e+03
1346446800: 1.3379727667e+05 4.5826304617e+03
1346447100: 1.1635589554e+05 3.9275261333e+03
1346447400: 1.0251828701e+05 3.5198771297e+03

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