[mrtg] Writing RRDfiles to multiple locations.

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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I have a patch for RRDTool that I've been working on that allows rrdcached 'chaining' -- IE, you write to rrdcached on this server, and it copies on to another server (and potentially even further).  However I've not bee able to do much on it for the last few months due to 'real' work load :(.  The beta is working correctly in test, though.  Of course, this requires you to use rrdcached with MRTG, which requires the latest MRTG and the trunk version of rrdtool 1.4, else there is no rrdcached support for create or info which MRTG requires.  Also, the chaining patch does not support chaining creates, which causes some issues with MRTG if a new target appears (hence why it is still in development and not with Tobi)


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Is it possible to have mrtg write RRD files in multiple locations? I'm looking to create a identical backup of RRD files so that recovery would be easier in case the storage fails.

Say define multiple workdir or something?


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