[mrtg] Script returns 4 values, Plot values via MRTG/routers2?

Keith kwoody at citytel.net
Wed Jan 2 19:30:42 CET 2013

Have a device that I cannot poll via SNMP for some values. I wrote
a little expect/shell script to get me those values.

I use small perl scripts to poll data and feed those into MRTG but
those just return two values, which are used to build graphs and
work just fine.

The expect/shell script actually returns 4 integer values.
I have read that it appears I can only use RRD and routers2 to be
able to combine and display all 4 values on a graph.

I have seen some examples of how others have done this, but the
few I have seen are polling multiple devices and combining those into
one graph.

I am polling one device that returns 4 values.

How can I create a .cfg file that can take those 4 values and create
one graph?


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