[mrtg] 14all.cgi and rrdcached

Pavel Ruzicka pavouk at pavouk.org
Tue Jul 2 11:25:34 CEST 2013


I use MRTG with RRDTOOL with rrdcached without trouble except that data on 
graphs are older than before 5 minutes. Probably because 14all.cgi doesn't 
flush data of needed RRD file to the disk.

I want to make longer interval when rrdcached flushes data to the disk, but it
is unacceptable for graphs.

Can somebody help me modify 14all.cgi for enable flushing of rrd file before 
using it for graphs?

I have idea to add flush command in subroutine sub show_graph($$$)
before "my ($a, $rrdx, $rrdy) = RRDs::graph(@$argsref);", but I don't
now how to do it. I am not programmer and my perl skills are very low.
Maybe something like RRDs::flush(@$log . '.rrd'); but i don't know how to 
implement to the existing code.

Last version of 14all.cgi is ten years old. Maybe somebody already modified
this script. I will be happy If he can make it available.

Best regards,

Pavel Ruzicka

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