[mrtg] how to reset the MRTG database?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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If you are running MRTG in Native Mode, you will have .log files which contain your historical data, and the .html and .png files will be recreated on every pass.

If you are running in RRD mode (recommended!) then you will have 'Logformat: rrdtool' in the cfg files, and there will be .rrd files in the WorkDir but no .log, .html or .png files (the web pages and graphs will be created on demand by your chosen CGI frontend).


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Since my data is all shit now it seems anyway, how do I remove the database?

I don't see any RRD files around.   Is the data in the .log files in my html directory?   Just remove those?

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