[mrtg] Cisco Switch interface names break windows version of MRTG

Clarence clarencehj at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 01:38:07 CET 2013

I search high and low for a solution to mt windows installation of MRTG.

Ok.. Here goes... Theres a million ciso switches in the world so someone
else has to have the same problem as I do.

I setup everything and its working fine until I try to run the cfgmaker
with the --ifref=descr --ifdesc=descr options.   The Cisco switch interface
names are GigabitInterface1/0/1 etc... and this is an invalid file name in
windows.  Soooooo how to tou get around this.  Can I some how  map the
slashes '/' to underscores '_'  so that windows will create the output HTML
files when I execute the perl mrtg mrtg.cfg command??

I tried to set a description on the port within Cisco and MRTG doesnt read
that field. It still uses the interface name.  I'm using a template to
create my .cfg file so maybe thats messed up.

If you are using MRTG and your interface names are similar to this
"gigabitinterface1/0/1" and you are able to get the --ifref=descr or
--ifref=name options to create HTML files with the interface description
please let me know.

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