[mrtg] Counts disappear after a few months

Fred Zwarts (KVI) F.Zwarts at KVI.nl
Thu Mar 28 09:10:35 CET 2013

"Steve Shipway"  wrote in message 
news:7294716191A1E142B80615ED2C633BCA6824EC1B at uxcn10-tdc02.UoA.auckland.ac.nz...
>Check that the modification date on the .png files is changing.  Possibly 
>you have a permissions issue, and that file is simply not being updated?

How can the picture change (the "grass" disappears) if the .png is not 

>Check the .log file actually contains the correct number of rows for that 
>granularity.  Im not sure how native MRTG would behave if the file were 
>accidentally truncated.

If the file were truncated, than not only the "grass" for the malware would 
disappear, but also the high rate of all messages would disappear. But only 
the channels with a low rate are affected (or all channels are affected, but 
the change is so small that it is only visible for channels with a low 

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