[mrtg] Problem running mrtg-ping-probe

Clinton Strouth cstrouth at skynetky.com
Wed May 1 15:11:39 CEST 2013

I'm having a problem running mrtg-ping-probe the following is the error I get from my /var/log

2013-04-30 11:42:00 -- Started mrtg with config '/usr/home/cstrouth/public_html/noc/ping/ping.cfg'
2013-04-30 11:42:00 -- ERROR: Line 1 ( Target[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: `/usr/bin/mrtg-ping-probe 68.222.XXX.XXX`) in CFG file (/usr/home/cstrouth/public_html/noc/ping/ping.cfg)  does not make sense.

Here is the output of my ping.cfg please not ip addressing has been sanitized. 

WorkDir: /usr/home/cstrouth/public_html/noc  
Target[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: "/usr/bin/mrtg-ping-probe 68.222.XXX.XXX"
SetEnv[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]:  MRTG_INT_IP="68.222.XXX.XXX" MRTG_INT_DESCR="ping"
MaxBytes[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: 100
Title[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: Round Trip For Edge Router 
AbsMax[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: 200
Options[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: gauge, growright
YLegend[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: ping time (ms)
ShortLegend[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: ms
Legend1[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: Maximum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend2[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: Minimum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend3[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]: Maximal 5 Minute Maximum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend4[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]:  Maximal 5 Minute Minimum Round Trip Time in ms
LegendI[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]:  Max:
LegendO[68.222.XXX.XXX-ping]:  Min:

Thank you for your help in advance
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