[mrtg] Two devices, one graph?

Christian Arnaut n8tgc at msn.com
Thu May 9 20:22:44 CEST 2013

Have what could be a simple question. When monitoring an SNMP device w/MRTG,
is it possible to plot the data from two devices on a single graph?


I have two temperature probes. I would like probe #1 (indoor temp) displayed
as the I value and probe #2 (outdoor temperature) as the O value.


Currently I am monitoring the indoor temp with the noo option enabled.

Target[ncr-temp]: at 1


I also have a second temp probe (also noo option) on a different IP address
measuring outdoor temperature.

Target[outdoor-temp]: at 1


Would love to modify the syntax of the Target line in the cfg file to
support polling the I & O values from different devices.

Something like below, but this doesn't seem to work. at
. at



Thank you, in advance, for any assistance. I have search the forums and
found that others have asked the same fundamental, however the links to the
solutions are dead links.





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