[mrtg] MRTG Graphs not Refreshing

Courtney, Wrolf Wrolf.Courtney at mtahq.org
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Try running "LANG=C mrtg yourfile.cfg", see if you get any errors. Check your WorkDir in those .cfg files. Make sure your .png and .html files have new timestamps. Check that your index.html files point to the right directory - you can rerun indexmaker using the command line in the index.html.


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Hi all,

I just joined this community! Been troubleshooting this issue for a few days now and needed some professional help. Thanks in advance, to any suggesting you guys may provide!

A Linux server was configured for MRTG using cfgmaker more than a year ago. It continued to work as desired until earlier year.

There are some graphs being polled from a router that are not updating. The last refresh date for each graph that is not refreshing is unique and within the last few months. The strange is, there are graphs that are not updating and those that are updating from the same router.

Please see the following:

Actions taken:

*         Restart crond, httpd and snmp services

*         Reload the Linux server

o   Strange thing happened here: Those graphs that have been static and not updating remained on the http page, those that were still dynamically updating were not showing anything until crond and httpd was restared.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Update: Graphs are updating now but the "Daily Graph," others are remaining static. Also, the last update date has not updated.

Mohammad Hassan

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