[mrtg] migrating MRTG

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Tue Jul 22 18:53:08 CEST 2014

On 7/22/14 2:07 AM, Ian Diddams wrote:
> Thanks for that Jay.
>> Assuming classic MRTG, most likely just wait.
> Something is clearly not correct because this has been running for over a week now without any history showing n the graphs.
> When you say
>> If you did the concatenation correctly by removing the top line
> The top[ line of the "old" log, or the "new" one?  Or both?

The top line of the old log, and any duplicate timestamps between the
two, throw out the invalid or zero ones.

What you want is to have a file where the top line is essentially "now"
in terms of UNIX timestamp and has three integers, timestamp plus two
data points.  Below that are timestamps going back in history
(decreasing numbers) each with five integers, timestamp followed by four
data points.

What I do:

On "new" logfile, leave beginning intact.  You'll find a point where
that instance started and everything below it has just a timestamp
followed by four zeros.  Delete the lines with zeros.

On the "old" logfile, delete all lines from the beginning up to and
including the last timestamp in the "new" file so that no timestamps are
duplicated or overlap.

Concatenate them with the new file first, and replace the .log and .old
with this result.

Wait five minutes, 30 minutes. two hours, and one day for all graphs to

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