[mrtg] can i change the 1 day graph to show three days

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Mar 16 21:49:51 CET 2014

Firstly, unless you are using RRDTool and have extended the default RRA
length on your system, you will not have 3 days' worth of data available at
5min granularity.  If you are using 'native' MRTG (without the RRD backend)
then you do not have the data and there is nothing you can change to make it
so.  The RRD and MRTG storage format are 'round robin', summarising and
expiring data automatically after a preset amount of time.


The default RRD file generated by MRTG will have only two days' data at 5min
interval, though you can subsequently use the 'rrdtool resize' command to
extend the relevant RRAs (number 0 and 1).  You can also use the
RRDRowCount[] directive in the MRTG file to ensure that RRD files will be
created with additional rows, though this only affects newly created files,
not pre-existing ones.


Next, in order to generate a 3-day graph, you need a frontend that is
programmed to do so.  The 14all and mrtg-rrd frontends only generate the
normal 1-day graph.


The Routers2 frontend has an option to generate a 2-day graph - if the
underlying RRD file has large enough RRAs (older MRTG-generated files do
not).  You can also ask for a 1week graph with 'half data width' which is
approximately 3 days.  To get this, select the 'Weekly' graph, but use the
'stretch' data type (t).  If you have enough underlying data in your 5min
RRA this will be used for the graph, else it will use the 30min data form
the Weekly RRA.


The only real way to get what you want is to use something like rrdcgi and
create the graph commandline yourself.  In this case, you can generate a
graph in whatever format you want, provided of course that the data are
within the RRD.




Steve Shipway

s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz


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I like the 5 minute graph but want it to display 3 days worth of data. I
have looked through the paramaters and don't see anything that relates to
the number of intervals that the 5 minute graph will display. Can someone
point me in the right direction


Bob Reiber

BK Sales and Service

Tel: (650) 376-1122


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