[mrtg] HTML not beign generated

Dave Heritage dave at onxinc.com
Mon Nov 10 20:56:09 CET 2014

The interface html pages are not updating.  The base index.html is fine.
All of the graphs are correct if I manually build an interfacename.html (as if it had made it on its own).
I just re-verified the clock on the server is correct (TZ and time date itself).
I have not tried to just run mrtg once (as the .cfg files have daemon:yes in them).

The graphs are not the issue as far as I can tell.  It is just that the interface html pages are not created (or updated).  If I open one that used to update properly, it still shows the last update time as weeks ago.  Additionally, I run three mrtg (wperl) processes with different config files that output to different directories.  My two 'newer' cfg files are creating the graphs fine, but it has never created the interface html files at all.


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Is this Linux or Windoze?

Exactly what is not updating? The graphs on the index.html for the device, or the graphs when you drill down to the individual interfaces?

Do the pages update OK if you do a manual refresh page?

Is the clock set right on the server?

If you manually run mrtg from the command line on the server, do the graphs update?


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I have had MRTG set up and running for some time.  All of a sudden (About 4 weeks ago now) the html pages for the graphs stopped being generated.  I have re-run cfgmaker and compared the newly generated file against what I am running with no changes seen.  All of the graphs are created properly.  Indexmaker created the index page without issue.  Any ideas?

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