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Christian Arnaut n8tgc at msn.com
Wed Nov 19 17:45:49 CET 2014

I have a test (virtual) Debian server that I use for testing new applications, configs, etc. before they are deployed to my production Debian server. MRTG is amongst the apps that I use the virtual server for. Currently I am using the identical cfg file to monitor bandwidth on a Windows 7 wireless network adaptor on my laptop. On the test server, the graphed results are exactly what I intended. However, the exact cfg file on the production server produces dramatically different results. On the production environment, the graph is a continually growing saw-tooth graph that almost appears to be showing the uptime of the interface. If, after a few hours, I turn off the wireless interface and turn it back on, the graph drops to zero and the saw-tooth begins again. Conversely, on the test server, the bandwidth logs continue to be logged and displayed exactly as intended. Two servers, both running the same OS (Debian 7.7), both running the same version of MRTG (2.7.14) and both running the same config for the intended interface (below). What am I possibly missing?  Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions!~Christian (cfg file below) EnableIPv6: no
Options[_]: gaugeWorkDir: /var/www/mrtg/user
Target[user-eth1]: 12:xxxxpublic at
SetEnv[user-eth1]: MRTG_INT_IP="" MRTG_INT_DESCR="Intel(R)-Centrino(R)-Advanced-N-6205"
MaxBytes[user-eth1]: 16250000
Options[_]: bits
Title[user-eth1]: Traffic Analysis for user -- WiFi Connection
PageTop[user-eth1]: <h1>Traffic Analysis for user -- WiFi Connection</h1>
                <div id="sysdetails">
                                        <td>user-2519.xxxx.local in </td>
                                        <td>user at xxxx.org</td>
                                        <td>Intel(R)-Centrino(R)-Advanced-N-6205  </td>
#                                <tr>
#                                        <td>ifType:</td>
#                                        <td>Radio Spread Spectrum (802.11) (71)</td>
#                                </tr>
                                        <td>WiFi Connection</td>
                                        <td>Max Speed:</td>
                                        <td>104.0 Mbits/s</td>
                                        <td> (user-2519.xxxx.local)</td>
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