[mrtg] cfgmaker doesn't work with Palo Alto firewalls

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Fri Jun 5 22:23:26 CEST 2015

On 6/5/15, 3:18 PM, "ditto at pobox.com" <ditto at pobox.com> wrote:

>Greetings -
>cfgmaker doesn't appear to work with Palo Alto 3020 firewalls
>(although it does work with other versions of PA FWs). I'm a bit
>perplexed as I've never seen snmpwalk work but cfgmaker fail. Here are
>the relevant versions and output.

you are using snmp v1 with cfgmaker and v2c with snmpwalk.  Try specifying
version 2:

$ cfgmaker comname at pa-3020-fw:::::2

>Thanks in advance!
>$ cfgmaker --version
>cfgmaker for mrtg-2.17.4
>$ snmpwalk --version
>NET-SNMP version: 5.5
>snmp-walk output
>$ snmpwalk -v2c pa-3020-fw -c comname sysName
>SNMPv2-MIB::sysName.0 = STRING: pa-3020-fw

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