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Ian Diddams ian.diddams at issolutions.co.uk
Fri Jun 19 14:07:17 CEST 2015

I have an mrtg configuration that is just not creating the expected disk per4formance and disk space html pages. I've inherited te setup I have with no docuementation and am trying to migrate it to another system, with some success except for the areas outlined .

I am presuming that /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg produces these html pages and I have anither linux based server that does this fine.  Copying the various fiels etc over to the new linux server albeit with a different hosts file doesn't work though with regard to disk space and perf html pages.

Some html pages are created but the overall pages do not

[root at ernie ernie]# pwd
[root at ernie ernie]# ls
ernie-cpu.html           ernie-disk-mp-.html  ernie-page.html   ernie-scan.html     ernie-sda2-io.html  ernie-swap.html
ernie-disk-mp-boot.html  ernie-mem.html       ernie-procs.html  ernie-sda1-io.html  ernie-sda-io.html

but there is no expected ernie-disk-usage.html or ernie-disk-perf.html which are AIUI a conglomeration of other created html eg ernie-disk-mp-boot.html

It doesn't seem to be a permissions issue as these files can be created anyway.

I've tried setting some better loggin levels but setting base doesn't seem to do anything.

Has any one any ideas or suggestions of how to log this better to try and find what the proverbial is going on




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