[mrtg] cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir: /var/www/html/mymrtg' --output /etc/mrtg/mymrtg.cfg public at localhost

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Mon Mar 9 23:05:48 CET 2015

From: Rick Silacci <rick at velociter.net<mailto:rick at velociter.net>>
Date: Monday, March 9, 2015 at 1:43 PM
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Subject: [mrtg] cfgmaker --global 'WorkDir: /var/www/html/mymrtg' --output /etc/mrtg/mymrtg.cfg public at localhost

Trying to run this – getting error message no such file or directory exists.

Is cfgmaker in your path?  Use “which cfgmaker” to find out.  If not, you might need to specify the whole path – probably /usr/local/bin/cfgmaker, since you installed it from source instead of a package.

If it isin your path, is it executable by you?

If it is, does /etc/mrtg exist?  Is it writable by you?

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