[mrtg] 5000 devices to monitor with 4 different metrics

Pavel Ruzicka pavouk at pavouk.org
Sun May 3 21:05:20 CEST 2015

Hi Rick,

 > Obviously this is for one device.  I have to apply this to IP's ranging 
> through, roughly 5000 IP's.  Is there a way to
> automate this so I don't have to create a separate configuration file for
> each device?

You can use your own script with cfgmaker, which makes MRTG configuration for 
you. For cfgmaker you can use --host-template for using template with 
definitions of some special OIDs and --if-template with definition of Interface 
template. If you want only filter out some interfaces, you can use if-filter 
like this:
--if-filter='$default && $if_type!=39 && $if_type!=50 && $if_type!=51'
You can generate one config file per host and on the end create mrtg.cfg
with Include: link to each file. This is much faster while rendering graphs.
5000 IP's which mean many thousands targets will be very slow when 
configuration will be in a one file.

Also filter-out free lines and lines with comments (#) save some processor 
power and memory.

Some of the templates are available here:

Best regards,


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