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Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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There are a lot of companies that produce small environmental monitoring
devices that can take a digital input.  These devices sit on your network
and can be SNMP queried by MRTG, Nagios and other management systems.


For example, this one:


We use their higher-end devices to monitor temperature, humidity, door
sensors, and other things.


Your problem would be that in reality you want to *count* the pulses, and
have MRTG query a total pulse count (this is far better than a rate as you
will get more accurate data).


Some of the devices may be able to give you pulse counts; others may just
let you know the current state.  You may be sufficiently  knowledgeable to
make a sinle pulse counter and SNMP agent using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi,
which would be a cheap solution.


This company makes SNMP-aware devices that can provide pulse counts:


I have not actually used one of these, but it appears to provide the
required features, though it may be a bit big for your requirements.


Personally, I'd build a device to do it using a RasPi which would cost about
$50 all in, plus a few hours coding up a daemon to count pulses and output
this via the SNMP daemon.






Steve Shipway

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The meter from our electric utility supplier gives out 3.5 volt pulses on 2
wires 1000 pulses=0.16kWHr.


I need to get these pulses into MRTG. 


Does anyone know where I can get a box that will output the pulses in a form
that MRTG can read them preferably over Ethernet.


I would also like it to interface to Nagios if possible.


Nick Price



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