[mrtg] KMG legend

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at vandenbogaerdt.nl
Tue Sep 29 09:07:11 CEST 2015

> Hello,
> My MRTg legend displays a value equal to 2000,0 Mbps. If I changed in the
> mrtg config the kMG legend parameter to get the legend in G instead of M
> I got the result 2000.0 G but not the expected 2.0 G

You don't show the exact config, so I can only guess:

I guess you put a kMG[_] or so somewhere in your config, and got bitten by
it. In your attempt to fix it for your current target, you put in
something wrong. Try this in your target definition, and make sure there
is no kMG[_] or kMG[^] or similar following it:

kMG[yourtargetnamegoeshere]: ,k,M,G,T,P

This should put it back to the default, which should display mega and giga
just fine.

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