[mrtg] How configure mrtg for negative data?

Виктор Белоус bvictor at belous.su
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Thanks you, Steve and you, Daniel (Dan).
I will install RRDTool as you both recommended it for me.

On 13.01.16 23:18, Steve Shipway wrote:
>> I try use mrtg for get temperature data in Celsius degree positive and
>> negative. In positive all good, but negative is null. Ноw configure mrtg for
>> negative degree?
> If you want to use MRTG to graph negative numbers, then there are a couple of things you must do.
> First of all, and most importantly, you need to be using RRDTool as the backend, not Native mode.  Native MRTG cannot support negative numbers (or decimals).
> Next, you have to MANUALLY tune the .rrd files to set the new lower limit, as MRTG will only create RRD files with a minimum of 0.  To do this, identify the RRD files (they will be targetname.rrd in the WorkDir for a [targetname] target) and use 'rrdtool tune -i ds0:-10 -I ds1:-10' to set the minimum thresholds to -10 (or use another value of course).
> You will possibly want to configure your web frontend to graph with a fixed Y-axis range; how to do this will depend on what you use.
> Steve
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