[mrtg] SnmpV3 authoritativeEngineID

Monster digimonx at msn.com
Wed Jul 27 20:47:21 CEST 2016

Ok, I made some progress.

The vendor of the firewall provided OID that I used with snmpget to find out the engineID of the firewall.

Then I used snmpkey to generate authkey and privkey to use in SnmpOptions in MRTG config file.

Also used Perl Package Manager to add Net-Snmp and Crypt-des packages on the server that runs MRTG.

Then I added "EnableSnmpV3: yes" and SnmpOptions to Target interfaces of the firewall in mrtg.cfg file, and configured Snmpv3 on the firewall accordingly and restarted MRTG service.

MRTG graphs are stuck on the last values and draw a straight horizontal line, so something does not work right.

This is one of the targets (I replaced IP address of the router with <routerIP>, the actual username with <username>, and used "..." instead of a number in hex format.):

Target[<routerIP>_2]: 2:public@<routerIP>:::::3 SnmpOptions[<routerIP>_2]: username=>'<username>', authprotocol=>'md5', authkey=>'0x...', privprotocol=>'des', privkey=>'0x...'

Is there something wrong here, or do I need to check something else?


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