[mrtg] [FORGED] Minimum hardware

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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This is a difficult question to answer without a lot more information.


The questions to ask are –


*  How many metrics will you be graphing?  You might have 2500 hosts, but how many metrics per host?

*  What query method – all SNMP, or will some be using plugins such as NRPE or NSCLIENT to collect the data?

*  How often will you poll – every 5min, or different?

*  Will you be using RRDTool (HIGHLY recommended), or native mode?  If so, how about rrdcached (recommended)?

*  What sort of disks do you have – local SATA, SAN, or something slower?


Generally speaking, you will want FAST disk with a nice cached RAID controller if possible.


For comparison:

We have approx. 22,000 targets, which means almost 44,000 metrics.  These are about  25% plugins and 75% SNMP.  We poll every 5min, and use rrdtool with rrdcached.

We have a distributed setup using RRDCACHED on a central server, and 3 satellite servers running checks scheduled via gearman that push the results back in via rrdcached.

The central server (holding the RRD files, running the scheduler, gearmand, rrdcached, and routers2 as the CGI frontend) is 2 CPU, 6G memory (rrdcached is set for 30min cache)

The satellites are 4 CPU, 6GB memory, but this is overkill and likely they could manage on 2CPU/4GB.


This could be done on a single machine with 6 CPU and 12GB.  The memory differences depend on how many plugins you use and how long they take to run.  The CPU depends on how many checks you have per minute, as well as the speed of disk writes.


This can give you a place to start, but you should run your own tests based on your hardware speed can  monitoring requirements







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I need to configure a mrtg server to analyze my network.
We have approx 2500 machines, and use Red Hat.
Any other question, I can ask here.
I need to know the minimum hardware needed.

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