[mrtg] HP Interface A1 (Alex Paradissis)

Edwin A. Epstein III ed at rhinobee.com
Tue Aug 22 02:29:27 CEST 2017

Hi Alex,

Have you tried referencing it differently, and did you use cfgmaker to create the configuration?

Referencing by numbers is the default, but other methods are available. The default, referencing by number, looks like this:

Target[]: 1:mycommunity at

Referencing by interface description will look like this:

Target[]: \ath0:mycommunity at

The "\" is what apparently changes the mode of operation. You can use cfgmaker to generate it by providing --ifref=option in the command. We use --ifref=descr quite a bit. That way it references it by a friendlier name like eth0, eth1, em0, etc. and should handle a character just fine. Labels can be switched out to use a different system in the same way.  --ifdesc=descr will have labels replaced with the descriptive name (ath0) instead of just the number. 

We have a similar problem with hyphens inside of a name (Port-1) not being monitored correctly until we change them back to referencing by numbers instead. You can find the different values for --ifref and --ifdesc in the manual online. Here is a short list:

nr  Interface Number
ip  IP Address
eth Ethernet Number
descr Interface Description
name Interface Name
type Interface Type


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When I monitor a numbered port on a switch it works, but when I use the
uplink, or trunk, port for HP switching and routing; there is a letter.  It
seems as if any letter before the number will generate a error.  Is there a
work around for this?


Alex Paradissis
System and Network Administrator

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