[mrtg] RTG not recording data on Cisco 3560 router switch module

Edwin A. Epstein III ed at rhinobee.com
Tue Dec 26 20:57:27 CET 2017

Hi Ken,

Happy Holidays!

Could you post the output of your cfgmaker cmd, as well as the cfgmaker cmd itself? My only though which I've encountered on different devices, is that they're storing it on an OID not enumerated in the interfaces. You should isolate that OID first with testing possibly using snmpwalk to do so. Once you've figured that out, creating a bandwidth graph isn't very hard. FFW, I've often seen cfgmaker get confused and mark an interface as operationally down, when it was actually up.


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We have a Cisco 2911 router with a 3560 switch module installed. We have MRTG collecting utilization statistics for the router but wanted to extend it to the switch module, as we were interested in utilization statistics of a single server, connected to one of the switch ports. We ran the MRTG configuration commands, as we normally do, and it generated the config. However, when we look at the MRTG web page, the switch interfaces are listed but no data is being captured.

Has anyone else run into this situation? Is there anything special we need to do for this type of switch?

Thank you,

Kenneth R. Leach

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