[mrtg] Hex conversion and configfor Qlogic FC switch

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Some better choices for TX, RX:


These will actually show cumulative object counts for a port.  The numbers below were more specifically for tx and rx elements and leave out some other types of objects.

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I am trying to read correct values for TX, RX, and error count from a Qlogic SB5802 FC switch.  I searched and found several examples of how to perform the conversion from hex to decimal.  None of them worked for me.  But, I was able to combine parts of each one into the code below, which finally works for me.  Hopefully, this will help someone:

    sub hextoint
        use Math::BigInt;
        #open(STDERR, ">>/tmp/xyz.txt");
        my $value = shift;
        $value = unpack ('H*', $value); # Value arrives packed
        $value =~ s/^0+//g; # Trim leading zeros
        #print STDERR "HEX INPUT: 0x$value\n";

        my $val2 = Math::BigInt->new("0x$value"); # Adding the 0x to the front was key
        #print STDERR "DEC OUTPUT: $val2\n";
        return $val2;

I added this to a file called conversions.pl.  Then I added the following to my .cfg file:
ConversionCode: /etc/mrtg/conversions.pl

Finally, each port would be specified as follows:

# TX FOR FC PORTS (.1 for port 0, etc.)
Target[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0TX]: at ip.ad.dr.ess|hextoint
MaxBytes[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0TX]: 1000000000
Title[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0TX]: FC Port 0 TX
PageTop[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0TX]: <H1>FC Port 0 TX</H1>

Target[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0RX]: at ip.ad.dr.ess|hextoint
MaxBytes[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0RX]: 1000000000
Title[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0RX]: FC Port 0 RX
PageTop[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0RX]: <H1>FC Port 0 RX</H1>

Target[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0ERR]: at ip.ad.dr.ess|hextoint
Options[ip.ad.dr.ess _FC0ERR]: growright, gauge, nopercent, absolute
YLegend[ip.ad.dr.ess _FC0ERR]: Count
Legend1[ip.ad.dr.ess _FC0ERR]: Count
MaxBytes[ip.ad.dr.ess _FC0ERR]: 1000000
MaxBytes[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0ERR]: 1000000
Title[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0ERR]: FC Port 0 ERR
PageTop[ip.ad.dr.ess_FC0ERR]: <H1>FC Port 0 ERR</H1>

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